Yola a Unique Dialect

Across certain parts of Wexford county, there was a now-extinct language that came here with the Normans.
A blend of French, Flemmish, Welsh and English settlers brought with them their native tongue and they became blended with the Viking and Irish settlers already here to create a unique dialect only found here in Wexford.
It was called Yola from the old English world for “old”
And though it is gone today, you can still see traces of it in hour we Wexfordians pronounce certain words. Tea for example becomes Tay, meat becomes Mate and all becomes Aul.
Kilmore Quay is known for the Yola Carols at Christmas, a strange haunting form of singing. You catch the odd word but not many!
There is one word that still remains strong though, the word Quare. This can be used to replace very as in “That’s a quare interesting story!”




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