Community Archaeology Excavation at Rosina Vallis/Hodnant Porthclais Caerbwdy, 2022

Report Introduction

DigVentures was selected by the Ancient Connections project team to undertake a community-based archaeological research project at Rosina Vallis field, Hodnant Porthclais Caerbwdy (hereafter ‘the Site’), funded by the Rediscovering Ancient Connections project. This report details results of that fieldwork, with an account of the site archive, specialist analysis of finds and recommendations for project completion.

Fieldwork took place between the 7th and 29th of November 2022, investigating several potential archaeological features identified in a geophysical survey conducted at the site by DigVentures in November 2021. Following analysis of the geophysical results, targeted archaeological interventions were selected and located to understand if they related to early medieval monastic remains. Four trenches were excavated in Rosina Vallis field to establish dating sequences, evidence for structures and feature relationships, amongst other objectives.

The project was supported by a comprehensive learning, engagement and activity plan which aimed to both raise awareness of the site and provide tangible learning outcomes. Specially developed learning materials were used to deliver field school sessions, underpinned by a digital and audience building strategy, that aimed to engage the local community and a global audience in the project whilst being conscious of the sensitive location of the works.

This assessment report details the results of this fieldwork, providing baseline information to contribute to the future management, research and presentation of the site, creating multiple educational and participatory learning experiences for community participants.