Pembrokeshire Interpretation

Zed Motions was contracted to interpret a number of sites in Pembrokeshire

1. St Patricks Chapel in Whitesands near St Davids

A short film about St Patricks Chapel in Whitesands near St Davids, reveals the story behind archaeological finds during Dyfed Archaeological Trust excavations 2019, 2020, 2021.  After severe storms in 2014 pounded the bay, human remains were uncovered, instigating archaeological excavation before this history was lost to the sea. 

The ensuing digs uncovered a cemetery, foundations of the chapel and an unusual find connecting Pembrokeshire to Ireland. The film includes a CGI reconstruction of St Patrick’s Chapel Whitesands using Dyfed Archaeological Trust’s findings from their dig. The long version of the film can also be found on PCNPA website and a short version of the film can be seen in the café at Whitesands Beach.

‘Discovering Donoec: Findings from a decade of digging at Whitesands’ (English):

'Darganfod Donoec: Darganfyddiadau degawd o gloddio ym Mhorth Mawr’ (Cymraeg):

2. Church of St Gwyndaf in Llanwnda

An Audio Guide using Info Point technology, which delivers content to visitor’s electronic devices (phones or tablets) was created for the Church of St Gwyndaf in Llanwnda; a significant site with a rich history, fascinating features and a wealth of stories to tell.

The church is dedicated to St Gwyndaf, a 6th-century Christian saint who, it is believed, was a native of Brittany and who settled for a time in Pembrokeshire. In addition, a leaflet has been made which is available at the church.

Location below:

3. Fishguard Marine Walk Interpretation Boards

Six interpretation panels were produced in collaboration with Fishguard and Goodwick Town Council. The boards interpret key moments in Fishguard and Goodwick’s history. You can visit the boards by walking the Marine Walk in Fishguard with beautiful views of Fishguard Bay. 

These Marine Walk panels were illustrated and designed by Jason Jones at Yume Creative.  

Click here for more information on the Marine Walk.

Other Interpretations

  1. Two new leaflets for Saints and Stones tours. View website here.

     2.  A mural on the side of Theatr Gwaun in Fishguard