Festival of Ferns June 5th 2023 – everyone welcome!


Festival of Ferns June 4th -5th 2023 - everyone welcome!

Festival of Ferns on June 4th and 5th

This event is set to be a real community celebration, marking the culmination of the Ancient Connection project as it draws to an end this summer.

Ancient Connection’s inspiration was the friendship between St Aidan and St David. The Festival of Ferns takes this theme and the many shared myths and legends and brings it to spectacular life with a parade of giant puppets, music, medieval enactments, local talent and more.

There will be a concert in St. Edan’s Cathedral from 7.30pm, featuring The Allabair Trio and Ferns’s very own Chord On Blues choir. Book tickets here

Expect to see a 12 foot St David puppet visiting from Pembrokeshire; a sea monster representing the crossing by St. Aidan to Wales and a giant beehive and a swarm of bees representing  St. Aidan departing Wales with David’s blessings and the founding of the monastery in Ferns by St. Aidan.  Expect all this and more in the Festival of Ferns Parade at 12 noon and weaving its way to the castle for a celebratory event.

The Horsemen of Éire will accompany the parade on horseback and dressed in
medieval costumes, setting the tone for the festivities to follow in the castle. Leading the parade will be Bloco Garman, a local Celtic drumming band. 

Want to get involved? Join in the workshops with artist Caoimhe Dunn. 

Find out more about this and what else is happening for the Festival of Ferns on Facebook 

or at Ferns Village Website

News Pilgrimage

Mini Creative Caminos in Pembrokeshire


Mini Creative Caminos in Pembrokeshire

Saturday 20th May and 10th June

Two bite sized artistic dives into the essence of pilgrimage along the Wexford-Pembrokeshire Pilgrim Way with Ailsa Richardson and Suzi MacGregor


Saturday 20th May
(based at St Nicholas Village Hall)

landing your (wild)feet with Ailsa

paying attention is a form of reciprocity with the living world, receiving the gifts with open eyes and an open heart
(Robin Wall Kimmerer)

Ailsa will offer simple practices from her wildfeet toolkit to enhance presence, mindfulness and imagination. These practices draw attention to the many voices and multitudes of wisdom available to us in the environment/living world, and can be ‘taken home’ to enhance your own experience of walking and pilgrimage. This often means putting some of our habitual ways of responding aside to allow our kinship with nature and each other to arise more fully. We will playfully and seriously explore walking and writing, including different ways of paying attention, and including Ailsa’s particular approach to ‘walking with a question’.

Contact Ailsa


Saturday 10th June
(based at Llanrhian Village Hall)

Vocal Discovery and Song with Suzi

“Your voice is the soul, the self personified. We can manipulate it at will: soft whispers, seductive croaks, piercing, loud, demanding, loving, sweet, singing. But…the voice can become like a false smile: stuck and uncomfortable. So slowly, surely, stretch and challenge and explore your voice – it has the potential to encompass every expression.”

Using her vocal training, musicality and improvisation experience, Suzi invites you to begin an intimate enquiry into ‘voice’ – in response to our land and the essence of pilgrimage/camino. Camino translates as “the path” or “the way”, and Suzi has often found that the voice, and singing particularly, has been a path or a way to discover and deepen a relationship with yourself, with others, and your surroundings. This is a fun and inclusive workshop, for ALL voices. You can expect embodied vocal exercises, imaginative explorations of vocal texture and tone, sharing circles, some fun improvisation games, and singing heart-warming harmonies together in the wild! 

Contact Suzi

Cost – payment is on a sliding scale for each day £45-£90
or both workshops £80-£170, and please still contact us if the cost is unaffordable for you.

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Ffair Pererinion / Pilgrim Fayre at Bishop’s Palace St Davids


Ffair Pererinion / Pilgrim Fayre at The Bishops Palace, St Davids

Monday 29th May – Pilgrim Fayre The Bishop’s Palace, St Davids 

FREE and a warm welcome to all!
The Pilgrim Fayre promises to be a special occasion on 29 May in the Bishop’s Palace, St Davids from 11am-6pm with a programme of performance, song, guided walks, a medieval marketplace, traditional skills demos and film screenings. It marks the achievements of the Ancient Connections project in Wales and the launch of Wexford Pembrokeshire Pilgrim Way, with a celebration of communities past and present and the historic and future links between North Wexford and North Pembrokeshire.
The Pilgrim Fayre day begins with St Davids Cathedral and Wexford-Pembrokeshire Pilgrim Way joining forces to lead a guided walk linking Saint Aidan and Saint David. The group starts with a musical send off by Côr Pawb and the Pererin Wyf / I am a pilgrim project, continuing along a path to the coast path and visiting St Non’s holy well. If you miss the morning walk, there will be chances to join micro pilgrimages around St Davids Cathedral throughout the day. Book your place on a walk
Span Arts’ choir Côr Pawb invites you to Y Canu Mawr / The Big Sing, a short programme of pilgrimage-related song performed in St Davids Cathedral. The event is part of the Pererin Wyf / Is Oilithreach Mé / I am a Pilgrim project and will culminate in a massed A Capella singing of the hymn ‘Pererin Wyf’ by William Williams, Pantycelyn. The concert will be live-streamed by the Cathedral. For more information about how to join in please click here
Small World Theatre is delighted to return with the giant puppet of Saint David and a new 6m-long sea monster in a procession with musicians and pupils from Ysgol Penrhyn. Join the merriment at 2pm in a Pilgrim Parade from the Cross Square into the grounds of St Davids Cathedral. Saint David will visit the giant bee skeps ‘Do the Little Things’ artwork by Bedwyr Williams, on his way to the festivities at the Fayre. Find out more about the skeps here 
A lively medieval marketplace hosts an array of exciting stalls showcasing some of the finest wares the area has to offer. There’ll be stalls selling delicious, award-winning food and drink too, made from locally sourced ingredients. There’ll be mischief makers, meandering minstrels and holy relic sellers and surprise pop-up performances. Details about the medieval marketplace and what’s on offer coming soon.
Experience traditional crafts and skills used to build the Bishop’s Palace and St Davids Cathedral. Join Tywi Centre crafts people in their marque as they share their knowledge of historic buildings and demonstrate decorative plasterwork, carving stone, thatching, traditional window making amongst other things. Find out more here
Enjoy the impact of the Ancient Connections project through a programme of films screened in the vaults of the Palace. The films feature artists’ and community commissions from Wales and Ireland. A list of film screenings and film makers coming soon.
Finally, gather round for open-air concerts with ancient music from Wales and the Celtic nations performed by renowned folk musicians Julie Murphy, Ceri Rhys Matthews and Jess Ward. A perfect musical accompaniment to a magnificent celebration in the impressive, historic setting of the ruined Palace.

Ferns Public Art Launch – Do the Little Things – everyone welcome!


Ferns Public Art Launch - Do the Little Things - everyone welcome!

Saturday 15th April 12-3 pm St Edan’s Cathedral Ferns

Do the Little Things is a new public artwork designed for two locations: Ferns, Wexford and St Davids, Pembrokeshire commissioned by Ancient Connections. Bedwyr Williams’ distinctive proposal was selected from a shortlist and has been realised with the support of Contemporary Art Society Consultancy.

Do the Little Things connects the two communities of Ferns and St Davids through the practice of beekeeping, which was practiced at monasteries during the early Christian period.

Three oversized skeps (traditional beekeeper’s hives) made from cedar wood are being installed in both locations. These living sculptures will contain bee colonies that are being cared for by local beekeepers and community groups, who will be harvesting and selling honey in labelled jars designed by the artist and local school children.

Bedwyr says: “I’m interested in objects that invite communities to become active participants to make the artwork whole. St David’s last words were “Gwnewch y pethau bychain” or “Do the little things.” This ethos has guided the development of my proposal, which is founded on the story of St David and St Aidan and steeped in the magic and history of these two intertwined locations.”

Sited in the grounds of St Edan’s Cathedral Church heritage graveyard, the work opens to the public on Saturday 15th April, from 12 pm. The launch event will bring community groups to the site for a Q&A with the Artist and local beekeeper from ‘Ferns Honey’, Joe Kelly; folklore and storytelling, and a performance of music and song by Melanie O’Reilly, David Creevy and the ‘Chord On Blues’ Ferns Community Choir, led by Mary Moulds.

The event is free and all are welcome.  Please book via Eventbrite (see link at bottom)

The launch of the Ferns’ twin bee skeps at St. Davids Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, took place last November, providing an opportunity to celebrate this extraordinary artwork for visitors to both locations, and an legacy link between Ferns and St. Davids.

Do The Little Things will also mark the beginning and end of the new pilgrim route between St Edan’s Cathedral in Ferns and St Davids Cathedral in Pembrokeshire – another legacy of the Ancient Connections project. Managed by The British Pilgrimage Trust, the Wexford-Pembrokeshire Pilgrim Way will encourage low impact tourism in both regions and will open to the public in 2023. Similarly, sustainability and a respect for the environment are at the heart of the artwork, which is endorsed and supported by the local authorities of Wexford County Council and Pembrokeshire County Council, in partnership with the ERDF Ireland-Wales Programme, local organisations and community groups.

Bedwyr Williams is an internationally regarded artist who lives and works in Wales. Williams’ work often focuses on the stories of ordinary people and the intersections between their lived experiences and ancient mythologies. The artist is concerned with creating spaces for meaningful connections between communities and art and making.

Please book via Eventbrite 

Arts News

Ar Log performing St Davids Cathedral


Ar Log yn perfformio caneuon gwerin Cymraeg newydd yn Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi

Ar Log yw un o grwpiau gwerin mwyaf hirhoedlog a mwyaf poblogaidd Cymru. Mae dawn gerddorol  anhygoel y band, eu lleisiau Cymraeg sensitif, a’u clocsio bywiog i gyd i’w mwynhau ar eu recordiau. Er bod yna lawer o gerddorion gwych yng Nghymru, dylai unrhyw archwiliad o gerddoriaeth y wlad ddechrau gyda, neu o leiaf gynnwys,  recordiadau Ar Log. 

Byddan nhw’n perfformio cyfres newydd o chwe chân werin Gymreig a gyfansoddwyd gan y cyfansoddwr Cymreig byd-enwog Paul Mealor gyda’r geiriau gan un o feirdd amlycaf Cymru, Grahame Davies.

 Ar Log oedd y grŵp proffesiynol cyntaf i fynd â cherddoriaeth draddodiadol Cymru i’r llwyfan rhyngwladol. Ffurfiwyd y grŵp yn arbennig ar gyfer gŵyl Lorient, Llydaw, ym 1976, ac wedi hynny treuliodd y grŵp saith mlynedd yn perfformio ar hyd a lled Ewrop, Gogledd a De America, gan greu enw rhagorol iddyn nhw eu hunain fel llysgenhadon pennaf cerddoriaeth Gymreig. Gyda deg albwm hynod lwyddiannus i’w henw, maen nhw’n dal i swyno eu cynulleidfaoedd trwy eu perfformiadau byw cofiadwy a bywiog.

Arts News

Sift – exhibition at Oriel Y Parc and St Davids Cathedral Refectory


Sift – arddangosfa yn Oriel y Parc a Ffreutur Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi

Yn agor ddydd Iau 23 Chwefror

4-5 pm Y Ffreutur, Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi – Small Finds David Begley

5-7 pm Oriel Y Parc – Seán Vicary, John Sunderland, Sylvia Cullen, Linda Norris

Dydd Sul 26 Mawrth 2 – 5.20 pm Light Boats gyda Tracy Breathnach, Porth Mawr, Tyddewi

Teithiau arddangos i Swyddfa Cyngor Sir Wexford, Carriklawn 17 Ebrill – 19 Mai. Yn agor ddydd Gwener 14 Ebrill

Mae’n bleser gan Gysylltiadau Hynafol gyhoeddi agor arddangosfa o’r enw Sift yn Oriel y Parc a Ffreutur Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi ar 23 Chwefror. Yn dilyn hyn, bydd y sioe yn teithio i dref Wexford, gan agor ar 14 Ebrill yn swyddfeydd Cyngor Sir Wexford yn Carricklawn.

Mae’r chwe artist, yn cynnwys John Sunderland, Sylvia Cullen a David Begley, sydd wedi eu lleoli yn nwyrain Iwerddon a  Seán Vicary, Linda NorrisTracy Breathnac sydd yng ngorllewin Cymru.

Mae’r arddangosfa’n plethu themâu teithio, lleoedd cysegredig, treftadaeth hynafol, adrodd straeon a hiraeth am gartref ynghyd trwy ffotograffiaeth, animeiddio, sain, celfyddydau cyfranogol, testun, stori, gwydr a golau. Mae’r artistiaid wedi’u hysbrydoli gan ganfyddiadau  ehangach prosiect Cysylltiadau Hynafol. Mae ymchwil hanesyddol, llên gwerin a chasglu straeon wedi datgelu cysylltiadau dwfn rhwng y ddau ranbarth yma ac mae’r cloddiadau archeolegol a’r arolygon geoffisegol yn y Porth Mawr ac yn Ferns, Wexford yn adrodd hanes teithio a chysylltiadau rhwng Wexford a Sir Benfro o’r cyfnod cynhanes hyd heddiw.

Meddai’r awdur Sylvia Cullen, sydd wedi’i lleoli yn Wexford:

Y môr sy’n ein cysylltu ni” – Dyma’r geiriau oedd fwyaf perthnasol i mi, wrth i mi ymchwilio ar gyfer y comisiwn hwn. Ysgrifennu a recordio pedair stori fer newydd mewn ymateb i nifer o themâu Cysylltiadau Hynafol oedd ffocws fy ngwaith. Cafodd y rhan fwyaf o’r cymeriadau a’r bydoedd a ddaeth i’r amlwg eu hysbrydoli gan fywydau a digwyddiadau’n gysylltiedig â’r dŵr sy’n cysylltu Sir Benfro a Gogledd Wexford.

Mae artist amlgyfrwng Seán Vicary wedi creu gosodiad fideo newydd ac meddai:

Mae fy ngwaith yn ymateb i fis a dreuliais yn gweithio ochr yn ochr ag Ymddiriedolaeth Archaeolegol Dyfed yn ystod y gwaith o gloddio mynwent ganoloesol gynnar sy’n cael ei bygwth gan erydiad arfordirol  yng Nghapel Sant Padrig, Porth Mawr. Rwyf wedi defnyddio delweddau symudol, recordiadau a wnes i yn y maes ac animeiddiad i fyfyrio ar y profiad hwn ac archwilio’r berthynas rhwng y prosesau archaeolegol ac artistig.

Derbyniodd Tracy Breathnach wahoddiad gan Gysylltiadau Hynafol i greu digwyddiad cyfranogol ar Draeth y Porth Mawr i goffáu pawb a gladdwyd ym mynwent ganoloesol gynnar Capel Sant Padrig. Cynhelir y digwyddiad rhad ac am ddim hwn rhwng 2 a 5.20 pm ddydd Sul 26 Mawrth ac mae ar agor i unrhyw un. Meddai Tracy: ‘Bydd y rhai sy’n cymryd rhan yn creu cychod helyg syml maint cledr eich llaw, wedi’i lenwi â bwndel bach o blanhigion brodorol i’w gosod ar y traeth er mwyn i’r llanw eu cario allan. Bydd gosod golau gyda phob cwch bach yn symbolaidd, gall gynrychioli meddyliau, dymuniadau, gobeithion a gweddïau dros y rhai sy’n byw a’r rhai sydd wedi marw’.

Archebwch le drwy’r ddolen Eventbrite yma

Mae David Begley wedi bod yn artist Preswyl gyda Chysylltiadau Hynafol ers 2020. Mae ei ymchwil i arferion ffermio canoloesol, Sant Aeddan o Ferns, planhigion meddyginiaethol, llawysgrifau canoloesol a gwneud inc, yn ogystal ag arferion ffermio ac iacháu cyfoes yn Ferns wedi ysbrydoli corff presennol David o waith Small Findings mewn lluniadu, peintio a fideo a fydd yn cael eu harddangos yn Ffreutur Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi.

Mae Linda Norris wedi creu gosodiad golau a gwydr sy’n cynnwys dresel rithwir sy’n ymgorffori barddoniaeth a ysgrifennwyd gan gyfranogwyr o Sir Benfro ac Iwerddon ac a ysbrydolwyd gan ddarnau ceramig a ddarganfuwyd ac sydd wedi’u ‘sandblastio’ ar ddarnau o wydr. Meddai Linda:

Yn ei hanfod, mae’r gwaith yn ymchwilio’n ddychmygus i gysylltiadau dynol pwerus ar draws amser a thirweddau. Mae’r darnau bach hyn yn borth i fywydau a lleoedd eraill, ac mae teithio yno’n ein hysbrydoli i fyfyrio ar ein pennau ein hunain.

Yn ei gyfres o focsys golau o’r enw Unheimlich, mae John Sunderland yn dogfennu’r llwybr pererindod newydd o Ferns i Dyddewi, gan ddychmygu sut y byddai rhywun o’r cyfnod canoloesol wedi ymateb i’r tirweddau hyn, fel yr oedden nhw bryd hynny a sut y maen nhw heddiw. Mae wedi tynnu lluniau o olygfeydd sy’n crynhoi’r myfyrdodau hyn.

News Opportunity Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage Today – routes to flourishing communities and enterprise


Pererindod Heddiw - llwybrau i gymunedau a mentrau llewyrchus

Mae Cysylltiadau Hynafol yn cydweithio ag Ymddiriedolaeth Pererindod Prydain i gynnal symposiwm pererindod 11/12 Mawrth 2023.

Archebwch eich lle trwy Eventbrite

Bydd y symposiwm rhad ac am ddim hwn yn dathlu pererindod ac yn gofyn tri chwestiwn hollbwysig: ‘Sut mae creu llwybr pererindod llwyddiannus?’, ‘Beth yw’r fantais i ni?’ ac ‘A oes gwahaniaeth rhwng twrist a phererin? Mae’r digwyddiad yn nodi lansiad Llwybr Pererinion newydd Wexford-Sir Benfro a fydd yn cysylltu Ferns yng Ngogledd Wexford â Thyddewi yn Sir Benfro ac mae’n rhan o brosiect Cysylltiadau Hynafol ehangach a ariennir gan yr UE sy’n cysylltu’r ddau ranbarth hyn drwy gelfyddydau, treftadaeth a thwristiaeth.

Mae’r rhaglen yn dechrau ddydd Sadwrn 11 Mawrth gyda’r prif anerchiad gan Satish Kumar, ymddiriedolwr Ymddiriedolaeth Pererindod Prydain. Ymgymerodd Kumar â phererindod heddwch o India i Moscow, Llundain, Paris, ac America yn 1962 ac ers hynny mae wedi cysegru ei fywyd i ymgyrchu dros adfywiad ecolegol, cyfiawnder cymdeithasol a boddhad ysbrydol. Bellach yn ei 80au, mae Kumar yn siaradwr, athro ac awdur ysbrydoledig. Dilynir hyn gan ddiwrnod llawn o weithgareddau, sy’n cyfuno sesiynau wedi’u cadeirio yn ogystal â fforymau trafod cynhwysol. Bydd cynrychiolydd o Croeso Cymru ac Andrew Smith a Ciara Byrne o Fáilte Ireland yn siarad am dwristiaeth ysbrydol yng Nghymru ac Iwerddon. Ymhlith y siaradwyr eraill mae Ruben Heijloo, Cyfarwyddwr Nordic Pilgrim, Y Tra Barchedig Dr Sarah Rowland-Jones, Deon Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi a John G O’Dwyer, Cadeirydd Pilgrim Paths Ireland. Bydd cyfleoedd i archwilio arferion pererindod yn ogystal ag amser i sgwrsio a rhwydweithio gyda mynychwyr eraill. Mae’r ail ddiwrnod, ddydd Sul 12 Mawrth yn opsiwn ychwanegol, lle bydd cyfranogwyr yn cael cyfle i gerdded rhywfaint o’r llwybr pererinion newydd yn Wexford neu gymryd rhan mewn gweithdy canu pererindod a myfyrio ar syniadau sy’n codi o’r diwrnod cynt.

Disgwylir y bydd y symposiwm yn apelio at ac yn denu ystod eang o bobl o wahanol gefndiroedd gan gynnwys busnesau lleol yn y diwydiannau lletygarwch, tywyswyr teithiau a llety, arbenigwyr twristiaeth ysbrydol a llunwyr polisi, academyddion ac ymchwilwyr, cynrychiolwyr llywodraeth leol ac aelodau o’r gymuned.

Mae sbectrwm eang o randdeiliaid a phartneriaid wedi bod yn rhan o lunio rhaglen y digwyddiad, gan gynnwys Ymddiriedolaeth Pererindod Prydain sy’n arwain ar ddatblygu’r llwybr pererinion newydd ynghyd â Pilgrim Paths Ireland, Journeying a Guided Pilgrimage. Mae staff Eglwys Gadeiriol ac Esgobaeth Tyddewi, sy’n dathlu Blwyddyn Bererindod yn 2023, hefyd wedi bod yn rhanddeiliaid allweddol yn y broses. Mae nifer o arbenigwyr unigol hefyd wedi cyfrannu megis Bernadette Flanagan: Athro Cyswllt mewn Ysbrydolrwydd Prifysgol South East Technological (Wexford), Christopher Catling: Prif Weithredwr Comisiwn Brenhinol Henebion Cymru a Chadeirydd Mannau Addoli Cymru. Jaeyeon Choe, Darlithydd mewn Twristiaeth a Digwyddiadau ym Mhrifysgol Glasgow Caledonian.

Mae’r symposiwm yn rhad ac am ddim ac yn cynnwys cinio dydd Sadwrn a swper dewisol ond nid yw’n cynnwys llety na theithio. Bydd archebu ar sail cyntaf i’r felin.

Rhaglen Lawn

Diwrnod 1 – 11 Mawrth 2023


Cofrestru – (Edwards Suite – dull theatr)


Cadw tŷ a rheolau sylfaenol  – Nessie Reid, hwylusydd symposiwm


Nodyn agoriadol / Croeso – (Edwards Suite)

·        Michael Cavanagh (Cyngor Sir Penfro)

·        a’r Cyng. Michael Whelan (Leas-Chathaoirleach Cyngor Swydd Wexford)


Prif Anerchiad (Sgwrs 30 munud / Holi ac Ateb 15 munud  ) – (Edwards Suite)

Enw: Satish Kumar

Teitl: Pwysigrwydd Pererindod


Cwestiwn 1: Sut mae creu llwybr pererinion llwyddiannus? – arfer gorau o Iwerddon a Phrydain – Linden (40), Spencer (40), Seamus Rafter (100)


Pererindod yn Iwerddon – Linden


Llwybrau Pererinion yn Iwerddon – diwygiad yr 21ain ganrifJohn G O’Dwyer, Pilgrim Paths of Ireland


Canfyddiadau o gyfweliadau ag Arweinwyr teithiau pererindod yn Iwerddon – Bernadette Flanagan

Prifysgol South East Technological.


A new path for Celtic spirituality, Sean O Nuallain

University of Ireland


Hwylusydd: Nessie Reid

Cyflwyniad 10 munud ac yna sesiwn holi ac ateb 15 munud


Pererindod a Thwristiaeth – Seamus Rafter

Hyrwyddo Pererindod trwy Brofiadau Bwyd mewn Cymunedau Gwledig  

Daniel Olsen, Prifysgol Brigham Young, UDA

Strategaethau ar gyfer denu ymwelwyr a phererinion i gymunedau ac eglwysi

Anne Bailey, Prifysgol Rhydychen

The Intimate Relationship between Pilgrimage and Tourism, John Eade, Roehampton and Toronto

Hwylusydd: Jaeyeon Choe  

Cyflwyniadau 10 munud ac yna sesiwn holi ac ateb 15 munud


Pererindod yng Nghymru – Spencer

Blwyddyn o Bererindota, Parchg Ganon Sheridan Angharad James, Canon Bugeiliiol y Plwyf a Phererinion, Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi.

Cyd-greu Cymunedol ym mhrosiect Llwybr Sant Thomas.

Yr Athro Catherine Clarke, Prifysgol Llundain (cyfarwyddwr prosiect Llwybr Sant Thomas)

Hwylusydd: Iain Tweedale

Cyflwyniadau 15 munud ac yna sesiwn holi ac ateb 15 munud


Egwyl te/coffi – 30 munud  – (Hilton Suite – dull caffi)


Sesiwn 1 awr wedi’i hwyluso (Model Caffi Byd?) – yn ateb y cwestiwn uchod (Hilton Suite – dull caffi)

Cyflwyniad 5 munud

·        Sialens 1

·       Sialens 2

·       Sialens 3

·       Grwpiau’n treulio 15 munud wrth bob bwrdd


20 munud o adborth wedi’i hwyluso 


Cinio – 55 munud – cinio bys a bawd fydd hwn. Fel bod pobl yn cymysgu – (Hilton Suite – dull caffi 15 bwrdd o 10))



Trafodaeth banel: Beth yw’r fantais i ni? Sut y gall asiantaethau twristiaeth cenedlaethol helpu. 40 munud – (Hilton Suite – dull caffi 15 bwrdd o 10))

Andrew Smith, Swyddog Datblygu Cynnyrch Fáilte Ireland. Ciara Byrne CP&I A Lucy Von Weber, Pennaeth Marchnata Croeso Cymru yn ymuno â ni’n rhithwir.

Cadeirydd: Andrew Campbell Athro Ymarfer mewn Twristiaeth Coleg y Drindod Dewi Sant, Cadeirydd Bwrdd Cynghori Gweinidogol Llywodraeth Cymru ar yr Economi a Chyn-Gadeirydd Cynghrair Twristiaeth Cymru

Cyflwyniad gan Andrew Campbell, 2 gyflwyniad 10 munud gyda thrafodaeth banel 15 munud i ddilyn

Cwestiwn 2: Beth yw’r fantais i ni? Manteision llwybrau pererinion i gymunedau lleol, darparwyr llety a lletygarwch, awdurdodau lleol ac asiantaethau twristiaeth. Sut mae busnesau’n denu pererinion o ran amwynderau, cyfleusterau, awyrgylch, cynnyrch a marchnata. – Linden (40), Spencer (40), Seamus Rafter (100)


Pecyn Cymorth Busnes – Linden

Dawn Champion,

Ymddiriedolaeth Pererindod Prydain

Cynghorion ar sut i addasu eich busnes er mwyn cwrdd ag anghenion pererinion o ran llety a lletygarwch, masnach a chynnyrch.

Hwylusydd: Dawn Champion

Sesiwn dull gweithdy


Pererindod a Chymuned – Spencer

Rolau Gwyliau ar gyfer Hyrwyddo Pererindod yr Alban, Martin Robertson, Prifysgol Edinburgh Napier, yr Alban

Digwyddiadu Treftadaeth Grefyddol yn Iwerddon, Ruth Dowson, Prifysgol Leeds Beckett, Lloegr

Hwylusydd: Kevin Griffin

Cyflwyniadau 15 munud ac yna sesiwn holi ac ateb 15 munud


Modelau ar gyfer Pererindod Dan Arweiniad – Seamus Rafter

Iain Tweedale, Journeying

Ruben Heijloo, Nordic Pilgrim

Phil Brennan, Waterford Camino Tours

Hwylusydd: Nessie Reid

Cyflwyniadau 5 munud, 20 munud o drafodaeth wedi’i hwyluso a sesiwn holi ac ateb 10 munud


Cwestiwn 3: Bod yn Bererin! A oes gwahaniaeth rhwng twrist a phererin? Pa fanteision unigol sydd o fynd ar bererindod a sut a phryd mae profiadau trawsnewidiol yn digwydd ar deithiau? – Linden (40), Spencer (40), Seamus Rafter (100)


Pererindod a Thrawsnewid – Seamus Rafter

Materoldeb, Ystyr ac Arfer: traethawd gweledol o Ffynnon Dewi Sant, Swydd Wexford, Samantha Morris, TU Dublin, Iwerddon

Beth Mae Ysbrydolrwydd Modern yn Ei Geisio yn Iwerddon, Cymru a’u Cysylltiadau ‘Celtaidd’? Jonathan M. Wooding, Cymru

Cymhellion ar gyfer pererindod,Eleanor O’Keefe. National Centre for Social Research

Hwylusydd: Kevin Griffin

Cyflwyniadau 10 munud ac yna sesiwn holi-ac-ateb 10 munud


Pererinion Digidol – Linden

Pererin Wyf / I am a Pilgrim –cyflwyniad am yr artist Rowan O’Neill a phrosiect Span Arts yn cysylltu pererinion yn Wexford, Sir Benfro ac  ar draws y diaspora Celtaidd.

Pererindod a Digidoleiddio

Jaffer Idris, Prifysgol Sheffield Hallam, Lloegr

Defnyddio Arloesedd Digidol ar gyfer Pererindod, Michael Di Giovine, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, UDA

Hwylusydd: Nessie Reid

Cyflwyniadau 10 munud ac yna sesiwn holi-ac-ateb 15 munud


Sut i fod yn bererin – Lobi

Taith gerdded-gweithdy arbrofol dan arweiniad cyfarwyddwr Ymddiriedolaeth Pererindod Prydain, Guy Hayward

Cynnal defod yn y dirwedd, Nick Mayhew-Smith, Prifysgol Roehampton 


Hwylusydd: Guy Hayward

Cerdded i Eglwys Gadeiriol Enniscorthy 45 munud


‘Fishbowl’ – antidôt i drafodaethau panel. – (Edwards Suite – dull ‘fishbowl’)

Bydd hwn yn gyfle i bawb drafod y 3 phrif gwestiwn ac unrhyw rai eraill sy’n codi ar y diwrnod. Bydd Nessie yn arwain y gwaith hwyluso hwn ac yn cael ei bwydo gan gwestiynau a gasglwyd gan y rhai sy’n cymryd nodiadau o bob un o’r sesiynau.

Bwrdd swper wedi’i osod, digon o olau, 3  4neu meicroffôn, gall pobl ddewis cymryd rhan yn y drafodaeth neu eistedd yn ôl a gwrando. Byddwn yn dewis/curadu 8-10 o bobl i eistedd o amgylch y bwrdd i gychwyn y drafodaeth.

Mwy o wybodaeth yma:

Hwylusydd:  Nessie Reid


Amser rhydd


Swper (Hilton Suite)


Dangos Ffilm a Pherfformiad/Cyflwyniad Artistiaid y Camino Creadigol – ( Dangos y ffilm yn yr Hilton/ Edwards Suite) 

Y bardd Grahame Davies: rhannu cerddi o’r gyfres o 6 cân werin a ysgrifennwyd ar gyfer Cysylltiadau Hynafol

Perfformiad gan Artistiaid y Camino Creadigol: Bonnie Boux, Kate Powell, Ailsa Richardson a Suzi MacGregor

Film y Camino Creadigol: Will Philpin o ‘When it Rains’

Hwylusydd: Ruth Jones


Diwrnod 2 – 12 March 2023


10:00 – 12:00

Opsiwn 1 – Gweithdy Canu Pererin Wyf  –

Gweithdy Canu Pererin Wyf  – Mae Pererin Wyf / Is Oilthreach Mé / I am a pilgrim yn brosiect celfyddydau cyfranogol, wedi’i ysbrydoli gan yr emyn o’r 18fed ganrif, sy’n ceisio cysylltu â’r diaspora Cymreig a Gwyddelig. Mae pobl o gwmpas y byd wedi cael gwahoddiad i ganu’r gân Pererin Wyf neu unrhyw gân sydd â’r pŵer i’ch galw’n ôl adref. Ymunwch â’r gantores, y perfformiwr a’r arweinydd côr ysbrydoledig o Sir Benfro, Molara Awen, a fydd yn arwain gweithdy yn dysgu ei threfniant cyfoes o’r emyn yng nghwmni arweinydd y prosiect Rowan O’Neill a’r cyd-hwyluswyr o Wexford Rachel Uí Fhaoláin a John Ó Faoláin. Bydd y cyfranogwyr yn cynnwys ymwelwyr cyfnewid o Gymru, aelodau o gantorion traddodiadol Gogledd Wexford. a chôr Ferns, Chord on Blues. Croeso i bawb. Recordiwch eich cân a’i hychwanegu at y map digidol a/neu ymwelwch â Chymru a chanwch y gân fel rhan o ddigwyddiad olaf Cysylltiadau Hynafol ym Mhalas yr Esgob, Tyddewi ar 29 Mai 2023.



Opsiwn 2 – Cerdded rhan o Lwybr Pererinion Wexford-Sir Benfro – Taith Gerdded Pererinion

Bryn Oulart , Tulach a’tSolais a thŷ adrodd straeon Bygone Days House of Stories.

Taith gerdded hawdd 4km

Byddwn yn mynd ar daith fer 20 munud ar fws o Westy Riverside i ymuno â Llwybr Pererinion Wexford-Sir Benfro ym Mryn Oulart, gan adael am 8.45.

Byddwn yn cyrraedd Pen Llwybr Bryn Oulart ac yn dilyn llwybr y pererinion ar hyd y lôn laswelltog ar ben y bryn tuag at Tulach a’tSolais – bryn y goleunio – sydd â golygfeydd godidog tuag at ogledd Wexford ac i’r de i Fôr Iwerddon. Dyma safle Brwydr Oulart yng Ngwrthryfel 1798 ac mae’r gofeb yn coffáu gwerthoedd yr oes Oleuedig a’r trawsnewidiad wrth i ni gerdded drwy’r siambr sy’n atgoffa rhywun o feddrodau cyntedd Neolithig sy’n cyd-fynd â Chyhydnosau’r Gwanwyn a’r Hydref.

Ar ôl sgwrs fer gan y bobl sydd ynghlwm â chreu’r gofeb byddwn yn cerdded i lawr ochr arall Bryn Oulart trwy goetir a lonydd porthmyn hynafol i Dŷ Adrodd Straeon Bygone Days. Mae’r bwthyn to gwellt hardd hwn gyda’i waliau gwyngalchog yn un o dai adrodd straeon enwog Iwerddon sy’n parhau â’r traddodiad barddol o adrodd barddoniaeth a cherddoriaeth Wyddelig draddodiadol. Bydd tanllwyth o dân ynghyd â the a chacennau i’n croesawu a bydd digon o gyfle i berfformio stori a chân pererinion.

Yna bydd y bws yn mynd â ni yn ôl i Westy Riverside erbyn amser cinio.


Cinio  – bydd angen i bobl dalu am eu cinio eu hunain. Mae carferi ar gael yn y Gwesty.

14:00 – 15:00

2-3pm Sesiwn grynhoi /  rwydweithio wedi’i hwyluso – Seamus Rafter Suite

Archebwch eich lle trwy Eventbrite

Cyfrifoldeb y mynychwyr yw teithio a llety. Isod mae rhywfaint o wybodaeth i helpu gyda hyn:


Mewn Car wedi’i Logi o Faes Awyr Dulyn i Westy Riverside Park, Enniscorthy

Dolen i Gyfarwyddiadau Google Maps

Ar y Bws o Faes Awyr Dulyn

Bus Eireann (Expressway Route 2) > Maes Awyr Dulyn i Wexford (gyda stop yn Enniscorthy) O Barth Coch 13 Stop 9

Wexford Bus Route 740 > Maes Awyr Dulyn i Wexford (gyda stop yn Enniscorthy)  Amserlen  – Wexford Bus 740 Route, O’r Maes Parcio Coetsys, Parth 16 (gweler map

Ar y Trên

Siwrnai enghreifftiol o orsaf drenau Dulyn (Connolly), i Enniscorthy. Er ei bod yn daith fwy cyfforddus na’r bws, mae’n anoddach cyrraedd yr orsaf drenau, sydd yng nghanol Dinas Dulyn, ar gyfer llinell Wexford/Rosslare (sy’n stopio ynEnniscorthy).!P|TP!histId|1!histKey|H692786

Fferi o’r DU

Abergwaun i Rosslare – Stenaline

Dublin – Holyhead route – Stena line


Bydd y rhan fwyaf o’r mynychwyr yn aros yn y Riverside Park Hotel & Leisure Club

The Promenade, Enniscorthy, Swydd Wexford, Y21 T2F4

Llety arall yn Enniscorthy

Treacy’s Hotel

Llety yn Nhref Wexford (Sylwer: 20 munud mewn car i Enniscorthy)

Clayton Whites Hotel

Crown Quarter

Ferrycarrig Hotel

Maldron Hotel

Talbot Hotel

Riverbank House Hotel

Whitford House Hotel

Am opsiynau llety eraill ewch i Visit Wexford 

Archaeology News

St Patrick’s Chapel Dig – final report available


Final Report for St Patrick's Chapel dig now available

The view or download the whole document click one the link below


Report Summary below

Coastal erosion has been affecting St Patrick’s early medieval cemetery and medieval chapel at Whitesands, St Davids, Pembrokeshire since at least the mid-twentieth century. Storms in January and February 2014 exposed several burials, following which Dyfed Archaeological Trust in partnership with the University of Sheffield carried out five seasons of excavation: 2014–16, 2019 and 2021, funded by Cadw, the Nineveh Trust, the EU funded Ancient Connections project and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

The earliest elements of the site consisted of an oval stone-built enclosure, 5.5m × 4.5m, with a centrally placed rectangular structure, 1.4m × 1.0m, dating to the mid eighth century. Several of the stones of the structure were carved — a ring-cross with interlace design, a human figure dressed in a tunic with stick arms raised, and an inscription reading ‘donoec’ (an Irish compound name meaning something like ‘dark youth’ or ‘noble warrior’). Evidence of occupation, mammal, bird and fish bones, cereal grains and other carbonised seeds, and craft production accompanied this early element, including the manufacture of copper alloy artefacts and amber working. Wind-blown sand rapidly covered these early elements.

In the mid- late eighth/ninth century a substantial stone-built cemetery enclosure wall was built over oval enclosure and rectangular structure, and the first burials appeared.
The first burials were of young children. Sand continued to accumulate, and as it did so
more burials were put in the ground. Over 250 burials were excavated, stacked up to eight deep in the sand, between the mid- late eighth/ninth century and c. 1100. After the first phase of child burial, both children and adults were buried. The earliest burials were simple dug graves; later in the sequence cist graves appeared.

In the eleventh/twelfth century a layer of rubble was laid down covering the early medieval cemetery and a stone-built chapel constructed. Burials accompanying the chapel consisted of cist graves capped with quartz pebbles or in some examples with limpet shells. All were of children. The chapel was abandoned during the sixteenth century.

News Opportunity

Pererin Wyf – new arts project launch!


Pererin Wyf - new arts project launch!

Pererin Wyf / Is oilithreach mé / I am a Pilgrim: Sounding the way back through story and song

is a new cross border participatory arts project connecting the Welsh and Irish diasporas of North Pembrokeshire and North Wexford launching this Autumn.

The Pererin Wyf project will be delivered by artist Rowan O’Neill and Pembrokeshire based community arts organisation SPAN Arts, working in tandem with co-facilitators, Irish artists Rachel Uí Fhaoláin from Ceol Mo Chroí and John Ó Faoláin from Traditional Archive Channel.

 Pererin Wyf is Welsh for the affirmative statement, ‘I am a pilgrim’ and is the title of an 18th century hymn written by prolific hymn writer, William Williams Pantycelyn from which this project takes its inspiration.  The hymn later became associated with the tune Amazing Grace and was popularised in the 1960s with a recording by Iris Williams.

The Pererin Wyf  project will invite singers from all over the world to record a version of this song in any language from the location of their choice.  Recordings will be pinned to a digital map to form a global chorus of this enduring song.  Project participants will also have the chance to offer their personal reflections and connections to North Pembrokeshire and Wexford whether current resident, the home place of their forebears, or place of significance for other reasons.

The project Pererin Wyf will begin in September 2022 with a series of free bi-weekly online workshops with world class speakers focusing on the key themes of the project; connecting with the Welsh and Irish diaspora, language, home, travel and song.  Speakers will include David Greenslade whose book Welsh Fever is a gazeteer of Welsh activity and connection in North America, Pamela Petro author of The Long Field, a meditation on hiraeth shortlisted for the 2022 Welsh Book of the year, Professor Helen Phelan Director of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance and Rachel Uí Fhaoláin and John Ó Faoláin, traditional song, folklore and story collectors based in Wexford.

A series of hybrid workshops will follow culminating in an exchange trip between host county participants in the Spring of 2023.  The workshops will result in a new version of the song featuring the Irish language and reflecting contemporary understandings of pilgrimage, home and return.

If you have a personal connection with North Pembrokeshire or Wexford and would like to take part in this project we would love to hear from you.  Please email to find out more about how you could get involved or book a place on the introductory session on the 29th September through 


Public Art Launch – Do the Little Things – everyone welcome!


Public Art Launch - Do the Little Things - everyone welcome!

Friday 18th November 3 – 5 pm St Davids Cathedral grounds 

Do the Little Things is a new public artwork designed for two locations: St Davids Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, and Ferns, Wexford.

The three giant bee hives made from cedar wood have been created by Bedwyr Williams, whose project has been realised with the support of Contemporary Art Society Consultancy.

These ‘living sculptures’ will house live bee colonies and Do the Little Things connects the two communities of St Davids and Ferns through the practice of beekeeping, reflecting the medieval story of St David and his friendship with St Aidan, who brought bees back to Ireland from Wales.

The bee colonies are being cared for by local beekeepers and community groups, who will be harvesting and selling honey in labelled jars designed by the artist and local school children.

Bedwyr says: “I’m interested in objects that invite communities to become active participants to make the artwork whole. St David’s last words were “Gwnewch y pethau bychain” or “Do the little things.” This ethos has guided the development of my proposal, which is founded on the story of St David and St Aidan and steeped in the magic and history of these two intertwined locations.”

Sited in the grounds of St David’s Cathedral, the first edition of the work opens to the public on Friday 18 November from 3 pm. The launch will include a Q&A with the artist and local beekeeper Gayle Twitchen, storytelling, and a performance of  the ‘Bee Song’ by children from Ysgol Penrhyn Dewi led by composer Sam Howley. The event is free and all are welcome.

Bees have linked St Davids and Ferns since the sixth century, when St David gifted a hive of bees to St Aidan to keep, after the monastery bees twice followed their favourite monk home to Ireland and had to be brought back” said the Very Revd Dr Sarah Rowland Jones, Dean of the Cathedral. “We’re delighted to welcome this striking symbol of the ties between us”.

Please register for the event so that we know how many people to cater for