The Schooner Elizabeth


The Schooner Elizabeth

In October 1827, the schooner Elizabeth sank off Duffcarrick Head, north of Courtown with the loss of all twenty-nine hands. The ship was out of Milford in Pembrokeshire and its captain William Griffiths was a native of Fishguard. His body was interred in Wexford soil in Prospect cemetery near Ballymoney. It is not known if the bodies of the other crew members were recovered.

A fine headstone can still be seen to this day with the inscription below.

“Here lie the remains of William Griffiths of Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, S. Wales late master of the skooner Elizabeth of Milford, who closed his earthly voyage with all the crew on the 28th Oct. 1827 Aged 35 years.

From many storms and dangers the Lord delivered me
Through Neptune’s waves and Boreas from all he set me free.
But at a rock nigh here I lost my tender breath
In high rough waves and breaking seas I suffered pangs of Death.”

The Schools Collection, Vol. 0888, pp.120-1

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Accessed November 21st 2019

North Wexford Historical Society: Headstone Recordings 

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Creative Camino

Arts Project

Creative Camino

Ancient Connections is undertaking an experimental and creative pilgrimage from Ferns to St Davids in May 2021 – the Creative Camino. The project is teaming up with Journeying, a Celtic focused walking and pilgrimage guide company based in Pembrokeshire and Wexford Trails, who promote a series of tourism trails across Wexford County. The project will be an experiential feasibility study to ascertain the possibility of promoting a new pilgrimage route between Ferns and St Davids as a means to encourage stronger links between these two regions, as well as attract overseas visitors in a sustainable form of cross-border tourism. A feasibility study has also been undertaken to assess the long term viability of this route.

2023 marks the 900th anniversary of the granting of a privilege to St Davids by Pope Callixtus II in Rome, who declared that two pilgrimages to the Cathedral were equal to one journey to Rome. 


The Journey

The start of the pilgrimage will be marked by a spectacular celebration event in Ferns; pilgrims will then make their way mostly on foot to Rosslare where they will take a ferry to Fishguard. Finally, they will walk the Pembrokeshire coast path, arriving with a warm pilgrims’ welcome at St Davids Cathedral.

Media and Documentary

Throughout the journey, the experiences of the pilgrims as well as the beautiful scenery, heritage sites and wildlife will be documented by Llif:Flow a digital media company based in Angelsey. The stills and footage will be used to promote the project and new pilgrimage route concept across social media platforms and a short documentary film has been commissioned as promotion and legacy.

Date: November 2020 – June 2021

Funded by: Ancient Connections

In Partnership with: Journeying and Wexford Trails

Project Outputs: 
Eight artist performances or event
A Documentary film
Short media content for social media and still photos

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