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Pererin Wyf / Is oilithreach mé / I am a pilgrim


Pererin Wyf / Is oilithreach mé /
I am a pilgrim

Pererin Wyf was a participatory arts project led by the arts organisation SPAN arts, Welsh artist Rowan O’Neill and co-facilitated by Irish artists Rachel Uí Fhaoláin from Ceol Mo Chroí and John Ó Faoláin from Traditional Archive Channel. The project aimed to discover people’s connection to home through story and song, connecting to ‘Celtic Diaspora’ from Pembrokeshire and Wexford across the UK and beyond.

The project took its title and inspiration from an 18th century hymn by the prolific Welsh writer William Williams Pantycelyn; though quickly went beyond this to encompass any song which calls you home.

Cocreation is at the heart of how SPAN arts work, the engagement of the participants helped to shape the project and its outcomes, from their contributions to the digital map which took the project in new directions and created new avenues for collaboration to the stories they shared which shaped the exchanges and films.


Click here to view the story map.


The project commenced with a series of online participatory talks or enquiries into themes of home, hiraeth, cynefin and the experience of the Celtic diaspora. These were followed by online and in-person song-sharing workshops and by two exchange trips which led to Rachel Uí Fhaoláin writing a new song for the project. 

‘Pererin Wyf / Is Oilithreach Mé / I am a Pilgrim’ is a 20 minute documentary showing how the project unfolded:

The new song was sung by Span Arts community choir Côr Pawb as part of the ‘Y Canu Mawr’ event at St David’s Cathedral on May 29th 2023.

Here is the live stream recording of that event:

The project engaged over 200 participants from Wales, England, Ireland and North America, with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Particpants talked about gaining a deeper understanding of Welsh and Irish cultures as well as an opportunity to connect with themselves and others:

“It gave me a space to reflect on songs from my own Irish heritage as well as songs that might mean something to my Welsh sons now.”


“The deep connections between Ireland and Wales and the spread of people from both to places around the globe.”


“It has been a pilgrimage in itself over the many events.”

The new song ‘An Dara Craiceann’ has been beautifully recorded and is available to watch in this film by filmmaker John Ó Faoláin from the Traditional Archive Channel:

Archaeology Arts Film Outcomes

Sean Vicary ‘What is this that is coming?


Sean Vicary ‘What is this that is coming?

Sean Vicary is an artist based in Cardigan in West Wales, working across animation, moving image and digital media.

Sean was commissioned alongside three other Welsh and Irish artists to create new work that spoke to the following themes:

  • Personal or collective pilgrimage or journeying
  • Sacred Places
  • Celtic diaspora, ancestral heritage and a longing for home
  • Creative Storytelling that connects North Pembrokeshire and North Wexford


Sean chose to immerse himself in the archaeological digs that happened at Whitesands Beach, Pembrokeshire, in 2021, as part of the Ancient Connections Project; and his resultant work is a beautiful series of animations that combine archaeological drawings, voice recordings and collected sounds.


The work responds to a month spent as artist-in-residence with Dyfed Archaeological Trust during the excavation of an early medieval cemetery threatened by imminent coastal erosion at St Patrick’s Chapel, Porth Mawr, Sir Benfro. Although initially occupying the role of outside observer, Sean gradually became more directly involved with the dig, until eventually joining the archaeologists and other volunteers in helping to uncover and remove burials. The site has long been a place for gathering; in the recent past it was a choice spot for beach parties and raves, revelers oblivious of what lay beneath the dunes until human remains were exposed by storms in 2014.


The archaeologists, with Sean alongside them, worked down through multiple levels of chapel and graveyard, removing over 250 burials until they diminished in number and arrived at an oval enclosure with a central shrine dating from around 750 AD. Here the graves were replaced by traces of occupation; burning, seeds, animal bones, amber working. The shrine decorated with a carved human figure dressed in a tunic with raised stick-like arms, accompanied by early Irish inscriptions.


Sean found himself drawn to the archaeological process, which seemed to have similarities with his own art and animation practice, especially the use of a rigorous, repetitive method.


In this piece, ‘What is this that is coming?’ Sean has used moving image, field recordings and animation to reflect on his experience and examine resonances between the archaeological and artistic processes. The resulting stratigraphic sequences cut across inner and outer landscapes and evoke timescales that reach beyond our own lifespan: The hand drawn lines of archaeological site plans boil and shift while remnants of Mesolithic fauna washed ashore from a submarine forest are explored in minute detail, reminiscent of images beamed back to Earth by cameras on some remote interstellar space probe. These ecological temporalities suggest contemporary anxieties around the climate crisis and rising sea levels, as we contemplate a possible future as part of the geological record.

The following two films are short extracts from ‘What is this that is coming?’

The full length moving image piece was exhibited alongside other Ancient Connections at Oriel y Parc, St Davids and in Wexford County Hall in February-May 2023. It can next be seen in exhibition at The Turner House in Penarth as part of  ‘Agora’, a group exhibition curated by Cadw and Tactile Bosch which runs from August 3rd to September 3rd 2023. Click here for details. 

Click here to get in touch with Sean or to find out more about his work.

Arts Film Outcomes Stories

Sylvia Cullen ‘Smugglers & Summer Snowflakes’


Sylvia Cullen - ‘Smugglers & Summer Snowflakes’

Sylvia Cullen is an Irish writer, based in Wexford, working in fiction, theatre, film, animation and audio. She was commissioned alongside three other Welsh and Irish artists to create new work that spoke to the following themes:

  • Personal or collective pilgrimage or journeying
  • Sacred Places
  • Celtic diaspora, ancestral heritage and a longing for home
  • Creative Storytelling that connects North Pembrokeshire and North Wexford

Sylvia responded to the themes by conducting a series of community exchanges in both Wexford and Pembrokeshire to gather inspiration for her work. She studied and researched stories and immersed herself in the places and landscapes that were important to her and the participants of her workshops.

Ultimately, Sylvia has created a stunning set of 4 short stories exploring human connection to place in both Wexford and Pembrokeshire. She has recorded these pieces and they are available to listen to as podcasts on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Souncloud.


Below shows the four stories, both as podcasts and short films of Sylvia as she reads them out loud.

Click here to get in touch with Sylvia or to find out more about her work. 


1. The Maërl Necklace:



2. The Iron Rose:



3. The Dark Warrior:



4. Needle Rock:



Archaeology Archive Reports

‘Clone Community Excavation’ Archaeological Excavation Report November 2021


‘Clone Community Excavation’ Archaeological Excavation Report November 2021

Report Introduction

The IAFS conducted excavations in the field surrounding Clone Church in December 2019 and August 2021. These excavations were undertaken under licence to the National Monuments Service (19E0766 and 19E0766 ext.) under the National Monuments Act 1930-2014. This report constitutes a final report for Cuttings 1 and 2 (Season 1) and a preliminary report for Cuttings 3 and 4 (Season 2) under the terms of that Act and includes the results of specialist analyses. The excavations aimed to investigate geophysical anomalies identified at surveys at the site (19R0238 and 21E219) in 2019 and 2021 (and previously identified at the site during a drone flyover in 2018). The excavations across both seasons consisted of four discreet cuttings – all of which were found to contain archaeology.

The excavation was undertaken in partnership with Clone Church Conservation Group (CCCG) and was a first step of a major new heritage initiative being jointly developed by the IAFS, Wexford County Council and the local community. This project includes an international field school, which commenced at St Mary’s Abbey, in nearby Ferns, in 2021. This project is partly funded as a part of Rediscovering Ancient Connections – The Saints initiative, a new cross-border arts and heritage project linking North Pembrokeshire and North Wexford.

Archive News

Ferns Public Art Launch – Do the Little Things – everyone welcome!


Ferns Public Art Launch - Do the Little Things - everyone welcome!

Saturday 15th April 12-3 pm St Edan’s Cathedral Ferns

Do the Little Things is a new public artwork designed for two locations: Ferns, Wexford and St Davids, Pembrokeshire commissioned by Ancient Connections. Bedwyr Williams’ distinctive proposal was selected from a shortlist and has been realised with the support of Contemporary Art Society Consultancy.

Do the Little Things connects the two communities of Ferns and St Davids through the practice of beekeeping, which was practiced at monasteries during the early Christian period.

Three oversized skeps (traditional beekeeper’s hives) made from cedar wood are being installed in both locations. These living sculptures will contain bee colonies that are being cared for by local beekeepers and community groups, who will be harvesting and selling honey in labelled jars designed by the artist and local school children.

Bedwyr says: “I’m interested in objects that invite communities to become active participants to make the artwork whole. St David’s last words were “Gwnewch y pethau bychain” or “Do the little things.” This ethos has guided the development of my proposal, which is founded on the story of St David and St Aidan and steeped in the magic and history of these two intertwined locations.”

Sited in the grounds of St Edan’s Cathedral Church heritage graveyard, the work opens to the public on Saturday 15th April, from 12 pm. The launch event will bring community groups to the site for a Q&A with the Artist and local beekeeper from ‘Ferns Honey’, Joe Kelly; folklore and storytelling, and a performance of music and song by Melanie O’Reilly, David Creevy and the ‘Chord On Blues’ Ferns Community Choir, led by Mary Moulds.

The event is free and all are welcome.  Please book via Eventbrite (see link at bottom)

The launch of the Ferns’ twin bee skeps at St. Davids Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, took place last November, providing an opportunity to celebrate this extraordinary artwork for visitors to both locations, and an legacy link between Ferns and St. Davids.

Do The Little Things will also mark the beginning and end of the new pilgrim route between St Edan’s Cathedral in Ferns and St Davids Cathedral in Pembrokeshire – another legacy of the Ancient Connections project. Managed by The British Pilgrimage Trust, the Wexford-Pembrokeshire Pilgrim Way will encourage low impact tourism in both regions and will open to the public in 2023. Similarly, sustainability and a respect for the environment are at the heart of the artwork, which is endorsed and supported by the local authorities of Wexford County Council and Pembrokeshire County Council, in partnership with the ERDF Ireland-Wales Programme, local organisations and community groups.

Bedwyr Williams is an internationally regarded artist who lives and works in Wales. Williams’ work often focuses on the stories of ordinary people and the intersections between their lived experiences and ancient mythologies. The artist is concerned with creating spaces for meaningful connections between communities and art and making.

Please book via Eventbrite 

Archive News Opportunity Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage Today – routes to flourishing communities and enterprise


Pererindod Heddiw - llwybrau i gymunedau a mentrau llewyrchus

Mae Cysylltiadau Hynafol yn cydweithio ag Ymddiriedolaeth Pererindod Prydain i gynnal symposiwm pererindod 11/12 Mawrth 2023.

Archebwch eich lle trwy Eventbrite

Bydd y symposiwm rhad ac am ddim hwn yn dathlu pererindod ac yn gofyn tri chwestiwn hollbwysig: ‘Sut mae creu llwybr pererindod llwyddiannus?’, ‘Beth yw’r fantais i ni?’ ac ‘A oes gwahaniaeth rhwng twrist a phererin? Mae’r digwyddiad yn nodi lansiad Llwybr Pererinion newydd Wexford-Sir Benfro a fydd yn cysylltu Ferns yng Ngogledd Wexford â Thyddewi yn Sir Benfro ac mae’n rhan o brosiect Cysylltiadau Hynafol ehangach a ariennir gan yr UE sy’n cysylltu’r ddau ranbarth hyn drwy gelfyddydau, treftadaeth a thwristiaeth.

Mae’r rhaglen yn dechrau ddydd Sadwrn 11 Mawrth gyda’r prif anerchiad gan Satish Kumar, ymddiriedolwr Ymddiriedolaeth Pererindod Prydain. Ymgymerodd Kumar â phererindod heddwch o India i Moscow, Llundain, Paris, ac America yn 1962 ac ers hynny mae wedi cysegru ei fywyd i ymgyrchu dros adfywiad ecolegol, cyfiawnder cymdeithasol a boddhad ysbrydol. Bellach yn ei 80au, mae Kumar yn siaradwr, athro ac awdur ysbrydoledig. Dilynir hyn gan ddiwrnod llawn o weithgareddau, sy’n cyfuno sesiynau wedi’u cadeirio yn ogystal â fforymau trafod cynhwysol. Bydd cynrychiolydd o Croeso Cymru ac Andrew Smith a Ciara Byrne o Fáilte Ireland yn siarad am dwristiaeth ysbrydol yng Nghymru ac Iwerddon. Ymhlith y siaradwyr eraill mae Ruben Heijloo, Cyfarwyddwr Nordic Pilgrim, Y Tra Barchedig Dr Sarah Rowland-Jones, Deon Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi a John G O’Dwyer, Cadeirydd Pilgrim Paths Ireland. Bydd cyfleoedd i archwilio arferion pererindod yn ogystal ag amser i sgwrsio a rhwydweithio gyda mynychwyr eraill. Mae’r ail ddiwrnod, ddydd Sul 12 Mawrth yn opsiwn ychwanegol, lle bydd cyfranogwyr yn cael cyfle i gerdded rhywfaint o’r llwybr pererinion newydd yn Wexford neu gymryd rhan mewn gweithdy canu pererindod a myfyrio ar syniadau sy’n codi o’r diwrnod cynt.

Disgwylir y bydd y symposiwm yn apelio at ac yn denu ystod eang o bobl o wahanol gefndiroedd gan gynnwys busnesau lleol yn y diwydiannau lletygarwch, tywyswyr teithiau a llety, arbenigwyr twristiaeth ysbrydol a llunwyr polisi, academyddion ac ymchwilwyr, cynrychiolwyr llywodraeth leol ac aelodau o’r gymuned.

Mae sbectrwm eang o randdeiliaid a phartneriaid wedi bod yn rhan o lunio rhaglen y digwyddiad, gan gynnwys Ymddiriedolaeth Pererindod Prydain sy’n arwain ar ddatblygu’r llwybr pererinion newydd ynghyd â Pilgrim Paths Ireland, Journeying a Guided Pilgrimage. Mae staff Eglwys Gadeiriol ac Esgobaeth Tyddewi, sy’n dathlu Blwyddyn Bererindod yn 2023, hefyd wedi bod yn rhanddeiliaid allweddol yn y broses. Mae nifer o arbenigwyr unigol hefyd wedi cyfrannu megis Bernadette Flanagan: Athro Cyswllt mewn Ysbrydolrwydd Prifysgol South East Technological (Wexford), Christopher Catling: Prif Weithredwr Comisiwn Brenhinol Henebion Cymru a Chadeirydd Mannau Addoli Cymru. Jaeyeon Choe, Darlithydd mewn Twristiaeth a Digwyddiadau ym Mhrifysgol Glasgow Caledonian.

Mae’r symposiwm yn rhad ac am ddim ac yn cynnwys cinio dydd Sadwrn a swper dewisol ond nid yw’n cynnwys llety na theithio. Bydd archebu ar sail cyntaf i’r felin.

Rhaglen Lawn

Diwrnod 1 – 11 Mawrth 2023


Cofrestru – (Edwards Suite – dull theatr)


Cadw tŷ a rheolau sylfaenol  – Nessie Reid, hwylusydd symposiwm


Nodyn agoriadol / Croeso – (Edwards Suite)

·        Michael Cavanagh (Cyngor Sir Penfro)

·        a’r Cyng. Michael Whelan (Leas-Chathaoirleach Cyngor Swydd Wexford)


Prif Anerchiad (Sgwrs 30 munud / Holi ac Ateb 15 munud  ) – (Edwards Suite)

Enw: Satish Kumar

Teitl: Pwysigrwydd Pererindod


Cwestiwn 1: Sut mae creu llwybr pererinion llwyddiannus? – arfer gorau o Iwerddon a Phrydain – Linden (40), Spencer (40), Seamus Rafter (100)


Pererindod yn Iwerddon – Linden


Llwybrau Pererinion yn Iwerddon – diwygiad yr 21ain ganrifJohn G O’Dwyer, Pilgrim Paths of Ireland


Canfyddiadau o gyfweliadau ag Arweinwyr teithiau pererindod yn Iwerddon – Bernadette Flanagan

Prifysgol South East Technological.


A new path for Celtic spirituality, Sean O Nuallain

University of Ireland


Hwylusydd: Nessie Reid

Cyflwyniad 10 munud ac yna sesiwn holi ac ateb 15 munud


Pererindod a Thwristiaeth – Seamus Rafter

Hyrwyddo Pererindod trwy Brofiadau Bwyd mewn Cymunedau Gwledig  

Daniel Olsen, Prifysgol Brigham Young, UDA

Strategaethau ar gyfer denu ymwelwyr a phererinion i gymunedau ac eglwysi

Anne Bailey, Prifysgol Rhydychen

The Intimate Relationship between Pilgrimage and Tourism, John Eade, Roehampton and Toronto

Hwylusydd: Jaeyeon Choe  

Cyflwyniadau 10 munud ac yna sesiwn holi ac ateb 15 munud


Pererindod yng Nghymru – Spencer

Blwyddyn o Bererindota, Parchg Ganon Sheridan Angharad James, Canon Bugeiliiol y Plwyf a Phererinion, Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi.

Cyd-greu Cymunedol ym mhrosiect Llwybr Sant Thomas.

Yr Athro Catherine Clarke, Prifysgol Llundain (cyfarwyddwr prosiect Llwybr Sant Thomas)

Hwylusydd: Iain Tweedale

Cyflwyniadau 15 munud ac yna sesiwn holi ac ateb 15 munud


Egwyl te/coffi – 30 munud  – (Hilton Suite – dull caffi)


Sesiwn 1 awr wedi’i hwyluso (Model Caffi Byd?) – yn ateb y cwestiwn uchod (Hilton Suite – dull caffi)

Cyflwyniad 5 munud

·        Sialens 1

·       Sialens 2

·       Sialens 3

·       Grwpiau’n treulio 15 munud wrth bob bwrdd


20 munud o adborth wedi’i hwyluso 


Cinio – 55 munud – cinio bys a bawd fydd hwn. Fel bod pobl yn cymysgu – (Hilton Suite – dull caffi 15 bwrdd o 10))



Trafodaeth banel: Beth yw’r fantais i ni? Sut y gall asiantaethau twristiaeth cenedlaethol helpu. 40 munud – (Hilton Suite – dull caffi 15 bwrdd o 10))

Andrew Smith, Swyddog Datblygu Cynnyrch Fáilte Ireland. Ciara Byrne CP&I A Lucy Von Weber, Pennaeth Marchnata Croeso Cymru yn ymuno â ni’n rhithwir.

Cadeirydd: Andrew Campbell Athro Ymarfer mewn Twristiaeth Coleg y Drindod Dewi Sant, Cadeirydd Bwrdd Cynghori Gweinidogol Llywodraeth Cymru ar yr Economi a Chyn-Gadeirydd Cynghrair Twristiaeth Cymru

Cyflwyniad gan Andrew Campbell, 2 gyflwyniad 10 munud gyda thrafodaeth banel 15 munud i ddilyn

Cwestiwn 2: Beth yw’r fantais i ni? Manteision llwybrau pererinion i gymunedau lleol, darparwyr llety a lletygarwch, awdurdodau lleol ac asiantaethau twristiaeth. Sut mae busnesau’n denu pererinion o ran amwynderau, cyfleusterau, awyrgylch, cynnyrch a marchnata. – Linden (40), Spencer (40), Seamus Rafter (100)


Pecyn Cymorth Busnes – Linden

Dawn Champion,

Ymddiriedolaeth Pererindod Prydain

Cynghorion ar sut i addasu eich busnes er mwyn cwrdd ag anghenion pererinion o ran llety a lletygarwch, masnach a chynnyrch.

Hwylusydd: Dawn Champion

Sesiwn dull gweithdy


Pererindod a Chymuned – Spencer

Rolau Gwyliau ar gyfer Hyrwyddo Pererindod yr Alban, Martin Robertson, Prifysgol Edinburgh Napier, yr Alban

Digwyddiadu Treftadaeth Grefyddol yn Iwerddon, Ruth Dowson, Prifysgol Leeds Beckett, Lloegr

Hwylusydd: Kevin Griffin

Cyflwyniadau 15 munud ac yna sesiwn holi ac ateb 15 munud


Modelau ar gyfer Pererindod Dan Arweiniad – Seamus Rafter

Iain Tweedale, Journeying

Ruben Heijloo, Nordic Pilgrim

Phil Brennan, Waterford Camino Tours

Hwylusydd: Nessie Reid

Cyflwyniadau 5 munud, 20 munud o drafodaeth wedi’i hwyluso a sesiwn holi ac ateb 10 munud


Cwestiwn 3: Bod yn Bererin! A oes gwahaniaeth rhwng twrist a phererin? Pa fanteision unigol sydd o fynd ar bererindod a sut a phryd mae profiadau trawsnewidiol yn digwydd ar deithiau? – Linden (40), Spencer (40), Seamus Rafter (100)


Pererindod a Thrawsnewid – Seamus Rafter

Materoldeb, Ystyr ac Arfer: traethawd gweledol o Ffynnon Dewi Sant, Swydd Wexford, Samantha Morris, TU Dublin, Iwerddon

Beth Mae Ysbrydolrwydd Modern yn Ei Geisio yn Iwerddon, Cymru a’u Cysylltiadau ‘Celtaidd’? Jonathan M. Wooding, Cymru

Cymhellion ar gyfer pererindod,Eleanor O’Keefe. National Centre for Social Research

Hwylusydd: Kevin Griffin

Cyflwyniadau 10 munud ac yna sesiwn holi-ac-ateb 10 munud


Pererinion Digidol – Linden

Pererin Wyf / I am a Pilgrim –cyflwyniad am yr artist Rowan O’Neill a phrosiect Span Arts yn cysylltu pererinion yn Wexford, Sir Benfro ac  ar draws y diaspora Celtaidd.

Pererindod a Digidoleiddio

Jaffer Idris, Prifysgol Sheffield Hallam, Lloegr

Defnyddio Arloesedd Digidol ar gyfer Pererindod, Michael Di Giovine, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, UDA

Hwylusydd: Nessie Reid

Cyflwyniadau 10 munud ac yna sesiwn holi-ac-ateb 15 munud


Sut i fod yn bererin – Lobi

Taith gerdded-gweithdy arbrofol dan arweiniad cyfarwyddwr Ymddiriedolaeth Pererindod Prydain, Guy Hayward

Cynnal defod yn y dirwedd, Nick Mayhew-Smith, Prifysgol Roehampton 


Hwylusydd: Guy Hayward

Cerdded i Eglwys Gadeiriol Enniscorthy 45 munud


‘Fishbowl’ – antidôt i drafodaethau panel. – (Edwards Suite – dull ‘fishbowl’)

Bydd hwn yn gyfle i bawb drafod y 3 phrif gwestiwn ac unrhyw rai eraill sy’n codi ar y diwrnod. Bydd Nessie yn arwain y gwaith hwyluso hwn ac yn cael ei bwydo gan gwestiynau a gasglwyd gan y rhai sy’n cymryd nodiadau o bob un o’r sesiynau.

Bwrdd swper wedi’i osod, digon o olau, 3  4neu meicroffôn, gall pobl ddewis cymryd rhan yn y drafodaeth neu eistedd yn ôl a gwrando. Byddwn yn dewis/curadu 8-10 o bobl i eistedd o amgylch y bwrdd i gychwyn y drafodaeth.

Mwy o wybodaeth yma:

Hwylusydd:  Nessie Reid


Amser rhydd


Swper (Hilton Suite)


Dangos Ffilm a Pherfformiad/Cyflwyniad Artistiaid y Camino Creadigol – ( Dangos y ffilm yn yr Hilton/ Edwards Suite) 

Y bardd Grahame Davies: rhannu cerddi o’r gyfres o 6 cân werin a ysgrifennwyd ar gyfer Cysylltiadau Hynafol

Perfformiad gan Artistiaid y Camino Creadigol: Bonnie Boux, Kate Powell, Ailsa Richardson a Suzi MacGregor

Film y Camino Creadigol: Will Philpin o ‘When it Rains’

Hwylusydd: Ruth Jones


Diwrnod 2 – 12 March 2023


10:00 – 12:00

Opsiwn 1 – Gweithdy Canu Pererin Wyf  –

Gweithdy Canu Pererin Wyf  – Mae Pererin Wyf / Is Oilthreach Mé / I am a pilgrim yn brosiect celfyddydau cyfranogol, wedi’i ysbrydoli gan yr emyn o’r 18fed ganrif, sy’n ceisio cysylltu â’r diaspora Cymreig a Gwyddelig. Mae pobl o gwmpas y byd wedi cael gwahoddiad i ganu’r gân Pererin Wyf neu unrhyw gân sydd â’r pŵer i’ch galw’n ôl adref. Ymunwch â’r gantores, y perfformiwr a’r arweinydd côr ysbrydoledig o Sir Benfro, Molara Awen, a fydd yn arwain gweithdy yn dysgu ei threfniant cyfoes o’r emyn yng nghwmni arweinydd y prosiect Rowan O’Neill a’r cyd-hwyluswyr o Wexford Rachel Uí Fhaoláin a John Ó Faoláin. Bydd y cyfranogwyr yn cynnwys ymwelwyr cyfnewid o Gymru, aelodau o gantorion traddodiadol Gogledd Wexford. a chôr Ferns, Chord on Blues. Croeso i bawb. Recordiwch eich cân a’i hychwanegu at y map digidol a/neu ymwelwch â Chymru a chanwch y gân fel rhan o ddigwyddiad olaf Cysylltiadau Hynafol ym Mhalas yr Esgob, Tyddewi ar 29 Mai 2023.



Opsiwn 2 – Cerdded rhan o Lwybr Pererinion Wexford-Sir Benfro – Taith Gerdded Pererinion

Bryn Oulart , Tulach a’tSolais a thŷ adrodd straeon Bygone Days House of Stories.

Taith gerdded hawdd 4km

Byddwn yn mynd ar daith fer 20 munud ar fws o Westy Riverside i ymuno â Llwybr Pererinion Wexford-Sir Benfro ym Mryn Oulart, gan adael am 8.45.

Byddwn yn cyrraedd Pen Llwybr Bryn Oulart ac yn dilyn llwybr y pererinion ar hyd y lôn laswelltog ar ben y bryn tuag at Tulach a’tSolais – bryn y goleunio – sydd â golygfeydd godidog tuag at ogledd Wexford ac i’r de i Fôr Iwerddon. Dyma safle Brwydr Oulart yng Ngwrthryfel 1798 ac mae’r gofeb yn coffáu gwerthoedd yr oes Oleuedig a’r trawsnewidiad wrth i ni gerdded drwy’r siambr sy’n atgoffa rhywun o feddrodau cyntedd Neolithig sy’n cyd-fynd â Chyhydnosau’r Gwanwyn a’r Hydref.

Ar ôl sgwrs fer gan y bobl sydd ynghlwm â chreu’r gofeb byddwn yn cerdded i lawr ochr arall Bryn Oulart trwy goetir a lonydd porthmyn hynafol i Dŷ Adrodd Straeon Bygone Days. Mae’r bwthyn to gwellt hardd hwn gyda’i waliau gwyngalchog yn un o dai adrodd straeon enwog Iwerddon sy’n parhau â’r traddodiad barddol o adrodd barddoniaeth a cherddoriaeth Wyddelig draddodiadol. Bydd tanllwyth o dân ynghyd â the a chacennau i’n croesawu a bydd digon o gyfle i berfformio stori a chân pererinion.

Yna bydd y bws yn mynd â ni yn ôl i Westy Riverside erbyn amser cinio.


Cinio  – bydd angen i bobl dalu am eu cinio eu hunain. Mae carferi ar gael yn y Gwesty.

14:00 – 15:00

2-3pm Sesiwn grynhoi /  rwydweithio wedi’i hwyluso – Seamus Rafter Suite

Archebwch eich lle trwy Eventbrite

Cyfrifoldeb y mynychwyr yw teithio a llety. Isod mae rhywfaint o wybodaeth i helpu gyda hyn:


Mewn Car wedi’i Logi o Faes Awyr Dulyn i Westy Riverside Park, Enniscorthy

Dolen i Gyfarwyddiadau Google Maps

Ar y Bws o Faes Awyr Dulyn

Bus Eireann (Expressway Route 2) > Maes Awyr Dulyn i Wexford (gyda stop yn Enniscorthy) O Barth Coch 13 Stop 9

Wexford Bus Route 740 > Maes Awyr Dulyn i Wexford (gyda stop yn Enniscorthy)  Amserlen  – Wexford Bus 740 Route, O’r Maes Parcio Coetsys, Parth 16 (gweler map

Ar y Trên

Siwrnai enghreifftiol o orsaf drenau Dulyn (Connolly), i Enniscorthy. Er ei bod yn daith fwy cyfforddus na’r bws, mae’n anoddach cyrraedd yr orsaf drenau, sydd yng nghanol Dinas Dulyn, ar gyfer llinell Wexford/Rosslare (sy’n stopio ynEnniscorthy).!P|TP!histId|1!histKey|H692786

Fferi o’r DU

Abergwaun i Rosslare – Stenaline

Dublin – Holyhead route – Stena line


Bydd y rhan fwyaf o’r mynychwyr yn aros yn y Riverside Park Hotel & Leisure Club

The Promenade, Enniscorthy, Swydd Wexford, Y21 T2F4

Llety arall yn Enniscorthy

Treacy’s Hotel

Llety yn Nhref Wexford (Sylwer: 20 munud mewn car i Enniscorthy)

Clayton Whites Hotel

Crown Quarter

Ferrycarrig Hotel

Maldron Hotel

Talbot Hotel

Riverbank House Hotel

Whitford House Hotel

Am opsiynau llety eraill ewch i Visit Wexford 

Archive Stories

The Tinnaberna Fishermen


The Tinnaberna Fishermen

The tragedy of the Tinnaberna Fishermen took place in the 1810s. Tinnaberna was a small fishing village on the north Wexford coast near Kilmuckridge. Two fishing cots set out to sea on the feast of St. Martin’s, November 11th. Both were blown out far into the Irish Sea by a storm. One was lost, but the second made land on the coast of Wales. The crew were given food and shelter by a farmer, but could not communicate with him as he only spoke Welsh. The men eventually made their way to Ballycotton, County Cork and walked back to Wexford to be greeted by relatives who thought they had been lost forever. The story of the tragedy became the subject of a ballad which is still sung locally.

The Schools Collection, Vol. 0886, pp.24-5 

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Accessed November 21st 2019
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